On the road... Charleston

What struck me most about Charleston was the incredible textures everywhere. As a stylist I look for inspiration everywhere and you never know how I will incorporate it into my work. Case in point is this room at the Aiken-Rhett House Museum. Check out those amazing colors and textures in the wall. I am immediately drawn to the decay of this once glamorous room. So often when visiting historic house museums they have been restored, but in Charleston more then a few were left how they were found by the curators other then keeping them from decaying further. So the true sense of the house was kept, additions and touches added over the years remain in place. Personally  I much prefer this approach.

Drayton Hall  is another home that has not been restored. The plantation home was kept in the family until the 1970's and left without indoor plumbing or electricity while they continued to live there.
The light in Drayton Hall was amazing and my shot's don't begin to give it justice.
 Below are various textures and colors that caught my eye along the way.

 Thanks again to Paola for the recommendation to eat at John Ondo's restaurant Lana. John greeted us with plate after plate of delicious of treats culminating in a tasting of sorbets and gelato's that were the best I have ever had. No small feat as I am a bit of a fan. Although a bit like choosing your favorite child (impossible, you love them all) the fresh mint gelato was freakin mind blowing. 
John was kind enough to share the recipe for it and I'll let you know how mine fares.
We also had a lunch at Hominy Grill that was a taste treat, especially the pea and radish salad. My daughter seemed to be on a taste comparison trip ordering it at almost every restaurant we went during the trip. Hominy's ranked as the best by all of us.