Anyway I recently spent a day trolling Hudson and Catskill for something -anything new and exciting, both for the house and for a shoot I was working on.

While I found lot's of cool stuff I can't say I found anything for either the shoot or my place.
I think I was more bummed on a house level then work (the shoot went great) But the house is another story. 
I've been looking for a credenza for ages now and just can't seem to find anything that's exactly right and makes me want to plunk down $$ on.
I don't need these for anything but I love the graphics. Why don't magazines look as cool as this anymore??
This brass wall sculpture is way better then my pic makes it look and quite large. it's cool, but I  don't have a good place for it.
Again… so groovy but our ceilings are on the lower side and this is large.
A sweet Vera plate.
These are huge but I want them, they make me want to open a bakery or at least design one- any takers?
Reupholster this with some great fabric and it would be fantastic. Oh well another fun but wasted day empty handed, but flea season is just around the corner.