New Work... Handmade for the Garden

Once again Apologies are in order for the lack of updates here. There's been lot's going on but between being busy and being in a bit of a funk I have been extremely lacking in my post's. So hopefully this post will push me back into the keeping this a bit more current.  Fingers crossed there will be lot's of posts about new work I've done recently, house renovation updates, new books I'm loving and bits' of travel etc. 

Last year I styled Handmade for the Garden by Susan Guagliumi, with photo's by John Gruen. I know it's a bit late to be talking about gardens but this came out last spring. 
It's full of gardening projects and tips many of which I would love to incorporate into my garden.
So as we go into what looks to be a long, cold winter - pick up a copy and start planning for next spring. Or better yet start making them as holiday gifts.
 all images John Gruen