Some years I do gift roundups, some years I don't - it's just that kind of blog folks. After visiting Farm and Flea in Hudson and designer Brad Ford's Field + Supply in Accord I got inspired this year.
So here some of the things that are on the top of my dream list both for giving and getting...
From the new British site Oates and Co. this suspended oak bookshelf would be great in the kitchen for those favorite cookbooks or a kids room. They have some recycled brass coasters that would be fab as well.

I am a huge pottery fan and though I keep telling myself to stop it fails each time I see something as beautiful as Paula Greif's work. I don't even drink coffee and I want one of these. Dangerously Paula recently decamped from Brooklyn to Hudson making it that much harder for me to curb my pottery consumption.  
P.S Paula was one of the vendors at Farm and Flea at the Basicilla in Hudson last week - put this on your to do list for next year to see a great gathering of vendors, music and food in a stunning space.
Commune Design... do I need to say anything more?? Just about everything they touch is to die for!
I recently got their new book and have spent days pouring over the luscious spaces. So given that I am not moving to California anytime soon or can afford to have them design my home, a few of their pieces will have to do.

I recently stumbled upon this amazing Japanese shop - Analogue Life - 
check it out, that's all I need to say!!
After about a month I pretty much detest winter but this  Canadian Pine Sauna could change all of that. How perfect is this? Order it now and you could have it up and running for Xmas.

Make sure to get this stainless sauna bucket as well and I will be over shortly.
Since we moved I have been meaning to get an address stamp made up - 
love these from WMS&co  not only are the stampers beautiful but their simple graphics and ink pads make such a lovely hostess gift.

Asher Israelow was one of the vendors at Field + Supply this past fall. I have followed his work for several years now and his Soho Table is simply an unbelievable piece of craftsmanship. It reminds me of the Hudson Valley sky.
 Asher's wife Jami Israelow a talent in her own right was also at Field and Supply exhibiting her handwoven pillows. I used these for a shoot and the hardest thing was sending them back I love them so.
BDDW has a new line of handmade pottery that is screaming my name. 
I am hoping to have to make our living room bookshelves soon and have the space to bring out my records, this wood turntable from BDDW would be perfection.

And of course since this post is about all the things I think you should get as well as me, Sharon Etgar's thread drawings and collages would look great on my living room walls... just sayin.