New Work... Country Living and Jersey Ice Cream Co.

A few months back I styled Jersey Ice Cream Co.'s projects for Country Living magazine.
Spending time with Percy & Tara in one of their beautifully designed spaces is a treat in it self. 

While we were shooting they were wrapping up the guest house for this project and getting ready to move on to their next project. Literally moving on as they had been living on the property while working on the project. Becoming close friends with the homeowners along the way. I have to hand it to them, having lived through multiple renovations and in the midst of one currently I know how crazy this can be. The fact that they do it over & over again & for clients is either really cool or a bit crazy or both. But they are clearly doing something right as the work they are doing is so cool.
If you have seen the before's of this project you can really appreciate the details Tara & Percy brought to the project. From the plastered walls to the rough sawn wood walls down to the antiques that bring a sense of history & time to the house every detail is perfectly thought out.
all images Monica Buck