flea finds... Brimfield

If you have been following me on Instagram, FB or Twitter you know I was up at Brimfield shopping for props this week.  It was a crazy week, first Miami, then one very long day at Brimfield then headed to the Hampton's for a shoot so I couldn't catch all of the fields but still I managed to score some pretty cool pieces. So here's a couple of super quick pics of my finds.


I have been debating rugs for the house for months now. I keep seeing great ones online but am always reluctant to buy rugs without seeing them in person so I was happy to find Heja Home and see their beautiful rugs in person. I brought this beauty home for our bedroom and it looks even better then I hoped.
I was hoping to score some great leather chairs for the living room as well but no luck.
It seems going to Brimfield I always find things I wasn't exactly looking for and hardly find the thing I was - c'est la vie...

Then there are the things you love but either are overpriced or have no place for. I have been shopping Brimfield for years and watched it become more of a retail priced environment over the years. This clocked priced at $350.00 is a perfect example- it's cool but way overpriced.
I loved these vases as well but by then I had shopped my budget and passed.
 This leather chair was fab but not comfortable enough for a main chair in the living room and since I have a chair obsession
I have plenty of extra ( not always super comfortable ) chairs.
Again loved this perfectly worn in leather couch but no place for it.
 As far as this cool eggnog server - loved it - didn't need - will probably find the perfect shoot for it after I passed on it - and so it goes.