Out & About... Paul Rand - Everything is Design

Don't miss the Paul Rand show ~ Everything is Design, at the Museum of the City of New York. If you don't think you know his work you are most likely mistaken- his designs include among many  great iconic works the IBM and CBS logo's still in use over 50 years later.

Beginning in the 1930's Rand's work revolutionized the graphic design industry bringing to it a clean, vibrant, playful new look to both advertising and book design.
A book jacket for Thomas Mann's The Transposed Heads is from my own collection. Rand often drew ideas from the text using it as inspiration for his designs. Mann's book is a synthesis of Indian and European art and is reflected in the style and colors of the cover design.
Here Rand brings a playful collage style to this ad for Orbachs dept. store.
This cover of a book on modern design could easily be hung on the wall as a piece of art itself.
In addition to his advertising work he and his wife Ann Rand wrote and illustrated a number of playful children's books.
The page below is from Listen! Listen the Rand's 1972 book.
Paul Rand's work was groundbreaking at the time and continues to influence generations of designers and illustrators.
 The Monograph by Steven Heller- Paul Rand is an excellent book on the designer and his work in addition to the various books on design that Rand wrote.

And I leave you with a A few "Randism's" on modernism...
"Space" does not mean empty space.
Lower case letters and sans serif do not make modern typography.
Simplicity is not nudity