Books - Joshua Vogel's The Artful Wooden Spoon

Joshua Vogel of Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co. has long been one of my favorite artisans.  I have had the pleasure to watch him carve his perfectly thought out pieces of art and spent time in his beautifully crafted home he shares with his wife and business partner Kelly and their sweet daughter Violet. The first thing I do when seeing one of Josh's pieces is to touch it, as his work always feels exquisite to the touch, whether it's one of his bowls, sculptures, turnings or spoons.  They are smooth yet the hand of the artisan is there in each piece.  I often find myself absent mindlessly stroking them, not ready to let go.

In Josh's first book - The Artful Wooden Spoon he takes the reader step by step through the process starting with the history of the spoon.  Josh explains the basics of carving from choosing the perfect piece of wood, the tools needed to carving, finishing and oiling the spoons. The book is written in an easily approachable way in projects ranging from beginner to more advanced.  

The book is thoroughly illustrated with evocative photo's by Seth and Kendra Smoot showing many of Josh's finished spoons along side pictures illustrating the carving process.