renovation... kitchen cabinets

People keep asking us if the kitchen - and the house is finished yet, but when you are doing much of the work yourselves and around two busy work schedule and 2 kids things have a tendency to get drawn out.
We have been living with a temporary kitchen since moving in 2 years ago. It's been OK and in fact helped us to fine tune the layout. We had our old Wolfe stove and various shelving units for storage. We made plywood counter tops and I covered them with oilcloth which cheered things up and made the counters easier to clean. Actually many people thought it was the final look which always seemed a bit strange to me.

Meanwhile we have been working with Omega cabinets to custom design the cabinets. We wanted something simple and modern/Scandianvian but not something that felt to slick against the rest of the house. We wanted a mix of materials and Bob really wanted a colorful element somewhere. I had fallen in love with Miele's white glass oven and that was the jumping off point for the design.

After months of going back and forth we finally settled on the materials- walnut and white for the cabinets, a hit of blue on the island along with a honed Quartzite that resembles marble for the countertops. We cook a ton and didn't want the delicacy of marble but love the look of it. The honed finish makes it feel velvety and old as opposed to slick and new. 
We chose to go with mostly drawers instead of cabinets with doors for ease of finding things. Omega worked with us to design each drawer to our size and interior layout requirements. When we wanted to run the walnut horizontally and have the grain continuous across the sink wall they stepped up to the plate with ease. So after months of discussion and planning the cabinets arrived in the middle of October - the only problem was that we had already committed to tearing down and replacing our mudroom before winter -that's a whole story for another day!
Plus we where throwing our annual Halloween bash. With some scrambling we managed to make just enough room in the barn for the cabinets while we took care of tearing down the mudroom and pouring the foundation before the weather turned.
So her we are at last a few weeks before xmas and 30 guests arrive- gulp - in the middle of the install.
There have been wiring, plumbing and gas changes Bob has had to make in addition to making bases for our very out of level old floors which has slowed the actual cabinet install down. We had one weekend without a sink or dishwasher while we did that wall and then 2 weekends without a stove
( lot's of eating out ) while we did that wall. Last week they came and templated the countertops and have promised to have them installed before xmas and the oven and cooktop are scheduled to be installed xmas eve... fingers crossed since we are having 30 people for xmas day dinner
The island and wall of cabinets and shelves will have to wait until after the New Year but meanwhile if all goes well we will have a functioning, half finished kitchen for the holidays!

Now if only I could find the cabinet handles I envision..
Meanwhile you can follow my thoughts and inspirations on my kitchen pinterest board