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Lisa Congdon- A Collection A Day

Lisa Congdon- A Collection A Day

I very rarely enter contests and when I don’t ever seem to win anyway- But on a lark and because I am a huge fan of Lisa Congdon,  I entered the Martha Stewart- Lisa Congdon collection a day contest…… and WON!   We were asked to submit photos of our collections and Lisa would draw a picture of the winning collections, plus we all received a signed copy of her new book– A Collection A Day- based on her very cool blog A Collection A Day.

I have a number (no pun intended) of collections- many of which I use for work and are displayed around the house- such as my ever-growing pottery collection… But I chose my bit’s from my signage collection scattered around the house.

Lisa chose this image-

And here is her lovely drawing-
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before and afters

before and afters

A bunch of you saw the renovation on Apartment Therapy today and although lovin the Rue pics of the renovation have been asking for paired pics of the before and after so here goes…

Ok, the front is better but not finished, it needs landscaping, and repair and the columns need finishing. That’s starting to happen now that the tenants are happily in and the weather is warmer.

The old kitchen is now an open plan kitchen on the left and the dining area on the right with a washer/ dryer tucked in the closet and new french doors.  The walls are gone, in fact, all the downstairs interior walls are finito. this view…

is now this

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Bright Bazaar - the BOOK!!

Bright Bazaar – the BOOK!!

I’ve been wanting to share this news with you since last spring when Will asked me to be in his first book, Bright Bazaar  Embracing Color For Make-You-Smile Style,  and now finally I can.  I first met Will  4 years ago and it’s been so cool to see him spread his colorful charm across the globe.

Most people would think having their home shot for a major book right before they move insane, but without a second thought, I readily agreed. So in the midst of packing, packing, and more packing plus renovating the new house I managed to pull together our previous house to be shot.

As crazy as it was at the time when the book arrived in the post and we could look back at our old home it was more than worth it. My kids were thrilled to see Charlie and Otto make it into the book as well, though it’s usually harder to get Otto off the couch than on.

Will’s colorful outlook and style come through in blazes in this book in chapters such as Color Are Your Friend, his signature Color Cocktails and Bringing Color Home. It’s jam-packed with color-filled homes across the globe such as Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan’s rad Shelter Island pad, Bradford Shellhammer from Fab.com, and designer Mariska Meijers’ home in the Netherlands.
Our house opens the Lime Divine chapter and romps through just about every chapter as well, from Lavender Lick to The Strawberry Split! What a happy way to say goodbye to our old home.. thanks, Will!…